Friday, January 6, 2012

Del Rey Cemetery, Sanger, CA

Del Rey Cemetery, also known simply as Sanger Cemetery, is the final resting place for the good people of Sanger, California, in southern Fresno County.  

Local lore holds that whispering can be heard when nobody is present, and a strange moaning sound has been reported.   Many visitors have also reported cold spots, which may move.

Stories hold that one of the tombstones glows at night, though what this signifies is unknown.

Commentary:  This is, in most respects, a fairly standard haunted cemetery story.  The whispered voices, the shadow figures, etc.

One feature that is odd, though, is the glowing tombstone.  This is an interesting claim that shows up in a few different haunted cemetery stories throughout the U.S., most notably in Benton Kentucky and in Springtown Texas.  In many cases, it has been found that the tombstone is reflecting light from passing cars or a nearby stable source (such as a house, streetlight, etc.).  In other cases the tombstone is rumored to be somewhere, but the specific tombstone is never mentioned in any of the stories, leading would-be witnesses to wander the cemetery trying to find it. 

Although the folklore of the glowing tombstone seems to be more common in the American south and midwest, this is a good example of it from California.

I recently visited the cemetery, and the photos included on this page are from my visit.

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  1. When a person dies, he is merely sleeping in death. They are conscience of nothing. There are no such thing as a haunted house, mansion, cemetery, etc. There is such thing as Satan and his demons who love dwelling in places that are abandoned so that people think that these places are haunted. I do not believe in ghost or spirits, but I do believe in wicked angels who wish to mislead people into thinking such things and are the ones who are doing the scaring.

  2. One of your problems was that you were not at the Del Rey Cemetery. You were at the Sanger Cemetery. the Del Rey Cemetery is south of Sanger on McCall Avenue. That's all right; the Weird Fresno site says it's north of Sanger. By the way, while you were at the Sanger Cemetery, did you visit my wife's grave?.
    --T. Mc Arthur, Sanger, CA

  3. Me and my friends went to Del Rey Cemetery, for the haunting, it was creepy,all we heard is a low moan, and and saw a faint glow from a head stone near the south side of the fence, but that's all,we then went Sanger Cemetery. Nothing happen there, we are making plans for Snake road.

  4. Me and my friends went to Del Rey Cemetery, for the haunting, it was creepy, we heard moaning and a head stone glowing faintly, but that's it, I also went to Sanger Cemetery, cause I heard it's haunted, but had no experience there,but now we are going to make plans to visit Snake road

  5. You are correct. The Cemetery in this story is Sanger Cemetery in Sanger, CA (formally known as Kings River Cemetery). I think the confusion may come from the name Sanger DelRey Cemetery District. My family that have passed are all buried in the Sanger Cemetery. As a child, I heard all of the haunting stories about the Cemetery and Snake Road. Never went to either place after dark. Snake Road is bad enough in the daylight. Boy, do I have some stories from family members about the lady in white down at the river bed and other stories about Snake Road. One such story happened to me, but it wasn’t at night, it was during the early afternoon. Try driving it at night when the tule fog sets in.