Monday, March 4, 2013

Red Eye, Oakhurst Cemetery

I haven't been out at the cemetery at night in years.  Not since one night, several years ago, when I was out there walking after dark.  I saw something moving in front of me, just some weird, dark shape.  I took out my camera and took a couple of pictures.  When I looked at the pictures on the camera's screen, I saw a blood-red eye just looking at me!  I headed home, and downloaded the pictures, but I kept them on my camera for a while.  Every time that I'd show them to someone, they'd say "dude, you gotta get those pictures off of your camera!"
I did go back at night, once.  I volunteer for the Sheriff's department, and they had me out there video taping one night.  I was out there for half and hour, but didn't see anything.

Commentary:  Just this evening, I walked into the mini-mart across the street from my hotel, and the fellow working there told me the above story.  I had my camera bag, and we had a brief conversation about photography, and I told him that I had been up at the cemetery getting some night time shots of the chapel, when he volunteered his tale.

I have no idea whether he was just trying to tell a tall tale to a tourist (Oakhurst bills itself as the "Gateway to Yosemite" and the town is full of tourisists going to or from Yosemite throughout the year), or if he genuinely had a weird experience.  However, I enjoyed the fact that, for a bit of a change, I was once again being told a ghost story, rather than having to hunt down and read it.

Once I am at a more reliable internet connection, I'll upload some of the photos I took at the chapel.

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