Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Fake Haunting in Italy

So, this one is unique..well, probably not in the general situation, but the person being caught is unique.  Someone faked a hauntin at a medieval castle...for revenge, apparently.

From the Article:

A real-life Scooby-Doo villain has been jailed in Italy for four months for pretending to be a ghost.
She spent weeks terrorising her husband's employer at the 15th-century Castel Coldrano near the border with Austria, slamming doors, haunting hallways and making things go bump in the night.
For once, I have no commentary.  This one is pretty straightforward in the telling, though no doubt somewhat weirder when the details come out, as the eventually will.  The woman, a 42-year old Polish national, was caught by police after the property's owner (her husband's employer, according to the article) called the police and asked for their assistance.

It is somewhat reminiscent of the situation at the Rispin Mansion in Capitola, except in Capitola, the goal was to scare off vandals and here it was, apparently, to terrify the castle's owner.

Source:  Newspaper