Friday, June 26, 2009

Amy of Lick Road, Hamilton, Ohio

Edit 12-7-12:  A commentor suggested that this story is in Hamilton, Ohio, and not Cincinatti, as originally stated.  I have looked it up, and believe that she is correct, and have edited the entry accordingly.

Amy was murdered by her boyfriend. Some say that she was murdered on Kemp Road, others that she was murdered in a nearby park, and some say that she was murdered in a nearby cul-de-sac, but what everyone agrees on is that here body was found on Lick Road, just outside of Hamilton, Ohio.

Since her death, a number of weird things have been said to occur on Lick Road. If you drive your car to the end of the road, the windows will fog up and the word "HELP" will be written in the fog (some versions of the story say that you have to flash your lights three times before this happens). If you flash your lights at the stop sign as you turn onto Lick Road, the word "STOP" will be replaced by the word "AMY." People have reported seeing a woman dressed in white wandering the countryside near Lick Road. And it is said that if you follow a trail leading down to a wooden bridge, you will hear a mysterious "clunk" sound, perhaps the sound of a body hitting the planks of the bridge?

Commentary: This is classic urban legend stuff. We have a creepy story based on tragedy, many variations of that story, and specific instructions to follow in order to experience ghostly happenings. This is typical of legend tripping, and is a delightful example of it.

Many people who visit the location claim to have experienced odd events, even if not those mentioned in the stories. Do strange things happen here? Maybe, but remember that people who go to Lick Road looking for ghosts may interpret anything that happens as evidence of a ghost without looking further into it.

Nonetheless, it's a great story, and I highly recommend that anyone who lives in Butler County take the opportunity to check the place out - after all, it's not often that you can experience a ghost story in a public (and hence not-likely-to-get-you-arrested-for-trespassing) place.

Sources: Newspaper, Internet, Ohio Exploration Society


  1. very creepy place stay away

  2. I read about this in the book "weird hauntings"
    and I believe every word I read. aparantely, amy was raped and killed and so haunts lick road. a close friend of mine said that if you say "amy I have your baby" three times she'll appear and begin chasing you. the only other thing that was said was "DO NOT let her catch you." it seems she's out to kill you for finding out one of her secrets.

  3. You spelled "Cincinnati" wrong.

  4. If you have a different version, I would love to hear it and include it in the main entry.

  5. "Hamilton County" I think you mean "Hamilton" the CITY. This is in Hamilton; Hamilton County is much farther away. I live in Hamilton & have visited Lick Rd. before.

  6. Well, I'll be, a map search for "Lick Road, Cincinatti" did bring up Lick Road in Hamilton.

    I'll be editing the entry when I get a bit of time. Thanks for the correction, BEcca.

  7. There is a small Bigfoot family residing in this area as well, there have been multiple recent sightings.